Alleged Darwin shooter tells court he is ‘sorry for what happened’


June 07, 2019 12:12:33

The man charged over a mass shooting in Darwin has used his first appearance in court to apologise for the incident which ended with four people dead.

Key points:

  • Alleged gunman Benjamin Glenn Hoffmann appeared in court via video link, where he addressed his lawyer
  • Prosecutor Matt Nathan confirmed Mr Hoffmann was facing four charges of murder plus three other charges
  • Mr Hoffman told the court he was “very sorry about what’s happened”

Benjamin Glenn Hoffmann, 45, appeared in Darwin Local Court via video link from prison wearing a red T-shirt and white shorts, with cuts on his face and forehead.

“I’m very sorry about what’s happened,” he told the court.

Mr Hoffman told the judge he could see the court and said “hello” to his lawyer.

Prosecutor Matt Nathan confirmed Mr Hoffman was facing four charges of murder as well as two of recklessly endangering serious harm and one of criminal damage.

Judge Elizabeth Morris noted that Mr Hoffman’s prison status had yesterday been marked at-risk and asked if that order should be extended.

Defence lawyer Peter Maley said he did not have submission to make on that subject, but Mr Hoffman interrupted from the screen.

“I do need help,” he said. “I’ve asked for help.”

He did not make an application for bail.

Prosecutors asked for an extended period of time to gather a brief of evidence before the next court appearance, which was set for September 18.

At the end of the hearing Mr Hoffman asked when he would be able to see his lawyer.

Mr Maley told his client: “Don’t say anything now because there’s other people in court that can hear us.”

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June 07, 2019 11:46:46

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