Melbourne family in shock after niece killed, pilot uncle injured in ultralight plane crash


June 09, 2019 14:25:11

Authorities have recovered the wreckage of a fixed-wing ultralight which crashed into Lake Eildon, near Goughs Bay in central Victoria, claiming the life of a 23-year-old woman.

Key points:

  • Ms Canavan’s body was recovered by police divers on Saturday night
  • The wreckage of the ultralight has been pulled from the water and will be examined as part of the report for the coroner
  • Her uncle said she was a beautiful girl who would be remembered for her smile

As relatives watched on, police search and rescue teams pulled the aircraft from the water almost 24 hours after it crashed, killing Kathleen Canavan, who was from Vermont South in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

Ms Canavan was a passenger in the ultralight flown by her uncle, Danny Canavan, who was rescued by a fishing boat.

He was treated in hospital in Melbourne but has since been released.

Police divers recovered Ms Canavan’s body last night.

Gerard Canavan, an uncle, said Ms Canavan’s father was in complete shock after the death of his daughter.

“It’s been a terrible time and we’re all struggling,” Mr Canavan said.

“She’s left five siblings behind. They’re very religious and they have a great community down in Melbourne.

“Danny is in severe shock. He’s very remorseful. He’s been sedated and being medically checked so he will struggle with this very badly.”

Always remember her smile

Senior Sergeant Damian Keegan of Victoria Police said an investigation was underway and police would prepare a report for the coroner.

“Where it went down was probably about 15 metres of water … it was seen by a lot of people using the lake in the area of Goughs Bay,” Senior Sergeant Keegan said.

“Fishermen [and] residents saw it go down and went out to try and help passenger and pilot.

“Unfortunately it was only the pilot who was saved.”

Mr Canavan said Ms Canavan’s family and friends were devastated by her death.

“She really was a vibrant girl and will leave her mark I believe as just one of those happy, helpful loving girls who has been installed by good parenting and the community and the religious group around them,” he said.

“I’ll just remember her smile. She always brought a smile to everyone’s face. It didn’t matter how you were feeling. She’s just lovely.”







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June 09, 2019 13:12:09

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