Lizzo Recreated Sister Act 2 With Her Juicy Movie & TV Awards Performance

Lauryn Hill, who?! For her first-ever performance at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, Lizzo channeled that musical great while creatively paying homage to the 1993 comedy Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit — and taking the show to church in the process.

Specifically, Lizzo recreated the film’s climatic scene: Hill’s Rita belts a gospel standard, then she and the rest of the student choir ditch their robes for a confident, exhilarating performance. In Lizzo’s case, she belted out her smash single “Juice” while a crew of hyped-up break dancers twirled and spun around her. But it was all eyes on the singer herself, who stunned in an all-denim outfit and glittery hair, proving why Elizabeth Moss, Tiffany Haddish, and Melissa McCarthy were justified in introducing her as “100 percent that bitch.”

The “Juice” diva even paused the song at one point to break into a Sister Act-inspired vocal exercise, before seamlessly transitioning right back into her shinin’ hit anthem. Check out the praise-worthy performance below.

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