Bop Shop: Songs From Mac Miller, Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello, And More

If you haven’t already stanned The Regrettes, it’s time to start. The power-pop punk band commands more attention with each track as they prepare for the release of their sophomore album, How Do You Love? “I Dare You” is the latest sampling from the forthcoming LP, and with a beat that’s as doo-wop as it’s punk and a dreamily charming visual, it’s the perfect song to get you started.

Over a thumping bass drum and handclaps, frontwoman Lydia Night croons about the desperation that comes with beginning to fall in love: a mix of anxiety and excitement as you try to convince someone – and yourself – to give up control and dive in headfirst. And there’s something undeniably fun about the way lyrics like “Stains on your sweater / You think you know better” and “You’re a child, and it’s kinda wild / How you’re the one who brings the sun” roll off the tongue. The music video finds the band co-opting what looks like an empty studio and turning it into their own cloud-covered dreamscape, complete with a tea party, hospital rooms, and quirky dance moves. Pink glows and bright colors are aplenty, reminding us what it feels like to be in love – and that music, too, can lift our hearts off the ground for a moment. –Carson Mlnarik

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